SEO Text What is Special about it?

SEO Text – What’s So Special 

Interesting and compelling content that captivates and attracts visitors is actually the hallmark of the great website. First impressions matter.  So, you have managed to create a good looking, well-designed website. Why skimp on the content? It’s high time to turn to professional copywriters who will write successful SEO text for you.

A well written article serves two fundamental purposes. First, it helps to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Second, by filling your website with sensible and relevant keywords, you raise its link popularity. There is a third advantage, unfortunately, often neglected. A well written article, with the use of SEO Text, can help support the idea that your website or company is an authority in the field.

However, SEO text is not just a simple set of interesting and informative phrases that will make your article stand out in a crowd of millions of others with similar content. There are special requirements that SEO text needs to meet. 

If the content of your website is meaningful and unique and all the articles on your web pages have the right number of relevant keywords, it will be better indexed and appreciated by search engine spiders. Your link popularity will increase at the same time. Plus, the text itself will drive highly focused traffic to your site.

The basic requirements for SEO text are:

A keyword density of about 3-5% on key phrases. Keywords can be found either in the meta tag or in the body content. A good amount is five (with at least two in the beginning and two in the end). All key phrases should be relevant to the content of your article so that visitors will not be disappointed if instead of tennis rackets, they come across an article on how not to become a victim of a Wall Street Racket.

Focus on the target audience. So, if your writing SEO Text copy for a BBC news web page, never use an informal style, colloquial phrases or jargon terms. Instead, if your aim is to sell some goods or promote something, try to draw attention by turning to some striking and bright headlines, emotional and vivid descriptions and advertising slogans.

An average article size is 450 words. The main message of your article should be clear to visitors. Don’t drag it out, concentrate on the major points and express your thoughts and ideas clearly.

Writing a sensible, factually correct and compelling SEO text can become a real challenge, especially if you have to work with awkward key phrases. That is why, professional copywriting is the art of taking the most difficult subjects and turning them into unique and fascinating content.

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