SEO Meta Tags

SEO Meta Tags – What You Need To Know

If you really want your website to show up in the search engine result pages, not to mention the top rankings, then you need to know about SEO Meta tags.

A SEO Meta tag is a special HTML tag that gives comprehensive information about a web page. Unlike the other HTML tags, Meta tags do not change how the page looks on the Internet, that is how the visitors see it when browsing the web. Instead, SEO Meta tags focus on information such as who created the page, what this page has to offer, what it is about, how often it is updated, what the content of this page is and which keywords represent it. Search engine spiders use this information when traveling through the Internet via links and indexing a website.

Some time ago Meta keyword tags  were an important tool for the search engines helping them decide how to rank sites in their search results. When the engines’ databases were small, this Meta tag was a quick and easy method to help them decide which keywords might be important on a web site.

However, that didn’t last long, because the schemers and the spammers showed up. They began to put keywords into the Meta tags that had nothing to do with the content of their sites.  For example, a lot of people will search something with the keyword “holidays”  those incompetent and cunning website owners would put this word in their Meta tags a number of times to lure visitors to their site. But as a matter of fact it has nothing to do with holidays, and might even be a site dealing with wood working!  Non SEO Meta tags quickly became much less important.

Fortunately, over time, less and less attention was given to the poor Meta tags, and the only thing that mattered was the actual content of the web pages. And now the Meta keyword tag is still unappreciated and is seldom used as a method for getting a page’s rank higher. However, since search engines use a wide range of factors to determine site rankings, every single detail matters accumulates in the website’s final position in the SERPs. Therefore, you can easily use SEO Meta tags as they may at least boost your site’s visibility on the internet in those engines that still read them.

There is still a chance for the poor SEO Meta tag to come back to life. If everyone will treat them with the type of respect they deserve and only put in relevant keywords, perhaps we could get them out of their so called oblivion and return them back to their rightful place in the family of SEO Meta tags!

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