SEO, SEM, and Other Ways of Online Promotion

It doesn’t matter what kind of site you have or what products it sells, after launching a site needs to be found by customers, and search engine marketing ( SEM ) reaches this goal. If you are an owner of a web site, who is searching for ways to promote it, you probably know little about SEO, SEM or PPC. All those abbreviations can seem confusing, but in practice they stand for a number of useful methods helping your site to become visible for potential buyers. Let us figure out the differences between SEO, SEM and PPC advertising, and see how they may be used to increase your website’s rankings. 

SEMSEM or Search Engine Marketing is a range of techniques aimed at increasing your site’s visibility, which include PPC and organic SEO. SEM deals with every aspect of website creation and functioning and entails web design and development, content creation, link building, etc. With the constantly growing competition in the sphere of online business, it is crucially important that all the strategies and technologies of SEM are implemented in the best and the most professional way. Your website’s ranking influences the performance of your website, bringing you either profits or losses.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most common forms of SEM. A company chooses  keywords and keyword phrases they want to buy. Every keyword is charged according to its hit rate and the number of companies bidding for it. One of the attractive features of SEM PPC is that you only pay if somebody actually clicks on the ad.  Still, you should develop a SEM PPC strategy to control your expenses.  A simple way to do it is to set a certain amount of money you are looking to spend daily and try not to come out of these frames. SEM Pay per Click marketing requires a decent degree of experience and skills; otherwise you can loose plenty of money without any positive results.

SEMSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is also a part of SEM but, unlike SEM PPC, SEM SEO makes your site appear on the search engine result pages automatically. The main concept and goal of SEM SEO is to create websites that are friendly and logical both to the search engines and users, thus boosting your revenues. Search engine optimization usually requires a slightly greater commitment and skills than SEM PPC marketing, as it tries to build your online market presence.

Now you have to take into consideration your SEM budget and SEM needs whether to employ SEM PPC advertising or take advantage of both it and SEO. SEM is fundamental for your website’s promotion, so no matter which method of SEM that you choose, SEM SEO or SEM PPC, don’t entrust your SEM efforts to amateurs.