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What A Good SEO Book Should Be Like

Search engine optimization is a method of publishing information and building links which make search engines rank a web page high in search results.

SEO BookEvery day hundreds of millions of people all over the world look for products, services or information with search engines, making the SEO industry a really big business. Over the last three years the SEO market has changed much as optimizing for search engines has become more complex and since it changes on a regular basis it is really tough to keep up with. As the result plenty of SEO books, specialized guidelines and informative articles have been published for both professionals and beginners in search engine marketing.

Let us see what an efficient SEO book should look like:

A good SEO Book should contain a brief introduction about the Internet marketing with at least one definition of SEO and several questions which encourage readers to clarify their goals and expectations to make sure they really want to read further about SEO.

Internet History. Basic facts of how the Internet, search engines, and marketing got started. Details one should look for in domains and hosting which are critical before starting a website.

How the search engines work. The specifics of the search algorithms can change over time, but the SEO book can still provide you with the basics for Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and others.

A good SEO book will explain how to write articles and ads for search engines. How to write titles, internal linking, use page navigation and optimize content.

Copywriting. Writers and editors are the wordsmiths whose responsibility is to produce the text that the target audience will see. They also help in keyword brainstorming, reviewing content and ads.

SEO BookSearch engine interactions. Advice on link building, the best text to have on incoming links and instructions on where they should be placed.

Pay Per Click strategies and how to get the most out of them.

Monitoring Results. The monitoring chapter of a SEO Book usually goes into details about what to do when things don’t seem to be changing and ways to speed up your results.

Tips on how to hire a search engine optimization expert.

Example of a real working SEO plan. The plan can be divided into chronological chapters and suggests new tasks and tips for every week.

A Glossary and index page is the logical conclusion of any SEO Book.

A good SEO Book has plenty of visuals. There are colorful pictures, various diagrams and charts which help readers understand the information. Along with that a good SEO Book is stuffed with illustrative examples.
To sum up, a SEO Book can serve as a perfect guideline for beginners and a source of endless ideas for professionals.

SEO Book