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SEO Jobs Start With Copy Writing

SEO copy writing is one of the most common SEO jobs in the area of freelance writing. Still, if you’re just starting in this profession, don’t expect to earn much. But, once you became an experienced SEO copywriter, you can say good-bye to working for $5 an article.

This article is mainly aimed at those SEO copywriters who are trying to master the basics of this trade, which SEO Jobsneeds even more skills and competence than other SEO jobs. Well, at least you will need to obtain some experience in SEO writing before being able to compete for high wages. You can choose one of the following ways to hunt for SEO jobs:

Find Clients through Ads. One of the simplest ways for an SEO copywriter to find SEO jobs is to search for them on their own. The best way is to put your ad on one of the job-hunting web sites, or to respond to the ads of the prospective employers. Normally, there are some SEO jobs available at such web resources; still this method of finding work doesn’t mean you’ll get a highly paying offer. Frankly speaking, most SEO Jobs are quite low-paying and the competition for them is extremely rigorous.

SEO JobsMany of those who place their advertisements on different job sites are not looking for high quality. More often they need a person who will produce a number of articles a day at an extremely low price. Typically they’re small companies who don’t care much about the quality of the service you offer, it’s the price that matters for them most. This fact leads us to the second  obvious way for a copywriter to find SEO jobs.

Contact Companies Directly. First of all, it means less competition. Then, and this is extremely important, you can choose the size of the company you’re contacting according to the level of your skills and the quality of services you can render.  Big companies that have openings for SEO Jobs are likely to pay more money for professional copy writing services, as they are more concerned about their reputation and image, which means they require quality content for their web sites.

SEO JobsApplying to such companies to get a position can be simple and effective, but only if you’re able to produce brilliant articles and SEO content for the money they pay. Try offering them a mediocre text that isn’t interesting or doesn’t flow smoothly and you’ll never get that job. Do your utmost to persuade them that you’re the best SEO copywriter they’ll ever have and they won’t regret having you on their team.

There are lots of SEO jobs available for good copywriters; you just have to search for them very thoroughly.

SEO Jobs