SEO Tips

SEO Tips That Are Easy To Apply

Even a few changes applied to your site can have a significant effect on the amount of traffic driven to it, and on its ranking. The following SEO tips outline some things that are simple to fix and are likely to improve your site’s performance. These SEO Tips are simple instructions on how to make any site search engine friendly and raise its rankings, and will be useful for beginners baffled by all the information about SEO and the mulititude of confusing SEO Tips that can be found on the Internet.


One of the most important SEO tips is to make sure your page has lots of quality content. If you look through your site and think that there is no opportunity to add content, you’re probably not looking hard enough. You can always add some extensive descriptions to the products or services you offer. Don’t forget to incorporate keyword phrases into your site copy. Continually update the content with new articles that are informative and provide your users with useful information to make use of this best of SEO Tips.

SEO TipsDon’t overuse Images

Even if your site has a decent amount of text, if it is made into graphics, it is invisible to the search engine spiders. Your company name embedded into your logo may look impressive, but makes no sense to the search engines. If you think that lots of  images help you site don’t forget to use ALT tags to explain every image. For example, the phrase “red stiletto high heels” in an ALT tag will clarify the image both for the spiders and visually impaired users. This SEO Tip is often overlooked.

SEO TipsLoading speed

Potential customers do not like to wait for a slow site to load. People whose  Internet access comes from a dial-up connection can be very impatient when it comes to waiting for images to load. Don’t make your graphics too large, and set a reasonable compression rate. Finally, if it is absolutely necessary to post large images on your site, use thumbnails with links to another page. Don’t overlook this most important of SEO Tips.


The title of your site has to contain the name of your company along with the most important keyword phrase. For example, if your site that sells shoes and clothes and the name of your company is “FashionHeaven”, then your title should be “Shoes and Clothes at FashionHeaven”. SEO Tips like this should be worked in whenever possible.

Inbound Links

Register your site with various directories that are relevant to your business.  Many business or services will have directories where you can submit your site- often for free. Find as many sites related to yours as possible, suggest exchanging links with them. Search the Internet for more SEO tips on obtaining back links. The more high-quality links pointing to your site, the higher rankings it gets.

The changes suggested by these SEO tips can help any website improve its rankings through search engine optimization.

SEO Tips