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What Is An Efficient SEO Article?

I bet each and every one of you has at least once come across articles on the Internet, which are absolute nonsense. You can get really annoyed while looking for particular information and getting stuck on the pages with articles stuffed with hundreds of various keywords and links.

SEO ArticleThose pages are trying to get listed by all the well-known search engines by any means. The people who write these articles completely misunderstand the concept of SEO articles and most likely SEO in general. Without getting too deep into theory we can say that such tactics rather than helping, can actually do harm to their reputation and search engines can block or even ban web-pages with articles filled with too many keywords. Therefore when ordering a SEO article make sure the author has followed these tips:

1) An efficient SEO article text should be written from a visitor’s perspective. It is essential to have facts or details which catch readers’ attention and doesn’t let it go. The author has be familiar with what the visitors are looking for and give it to them in tempting form with substantial content.

2) Attention should be also paid to the placing of key words in a SEO article. Putting them into strategic places and in between sentences is a good technique. Although it is still important to check that the “key worded” sentence is still meaningful. There shouldn’t be more than 3-5 key words in an average SEO article of 500 words.

3)  The title of the SEO article is no less important and should match its content. Professionals usually give titles after the article itself has been read and edited.

SEO Article4)  The article should be logical and easy to read.  It is edited later according to the guidelines of the web-sites it is going to be submitted to.

5) The resource box also matters. If you’ve ever come across a SEO article on one of the thousands of article submission sites, you know that it’s a resource box at the very end that gives details about the author and provides a link. Those short blurbs are vital to any SEO article and are the focus of this piece.

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SEO Article