Local Google Listing

Google LocalOver the past couple years Google has started showing differing search results to its users depending upon their locality; all a part of their bid to personalize search results to create a more effective search result. If the website to be optimized would benefit from being found more readily by people searching from its locale then it is important to consider this when optimizing the website.

SEO Tip #1 for Google Local Lisitng Rankings: Make certain that each page specifically includes in textual format, not as part of an image the complete address to the company’s physical offices. This information can be added to the footer; there is no need to make it front and center which could take away from other, (perhaps) more important content.

SEO Tip #2 for Google Local Lisitng Rankings: It is extremely easy and totally free to add your business to Google’s Local directory which will often provide you with a free top ranking if you do it right. Here is more information on getting your free Google Local listing.  However managing the listings and writing appropriate SEO copy to get them placed highly is important.

“Google Local Lisitnga helps you focus your search on a specific geographic location. Sometimes you want to search the whole worldwide web, and sometimes you just want to find an auto parts store within walking distance.”

A Google Local Lisitng won’t cost you anything recuring.

You can create and display a business listing for free. We add this service to all of our basic SEO packages.  LArger packages include larger numbers of locations that can be managed.

You’ll reach qualified prospects.

There’s a very good chance that lots of people are currently searching on Google Local for the products and services you offer. Why not make it easy for them to find you?

You have full control over your Google Local Lisitng.

With Google Local, you don’t have to worry about publishing deadlines or outdated content. After they initially verify your address, you can edit your listing whenever you like. You’ll see your changes reflected in the search results within four weeks.

What is SEO Management’s Universal Listing Service?

A Universal Listing Service allows you to enter your critical business information one time and have it posted to all the major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, industry directories and 411 directory assistance.

Most of these sites allow me to load my information for free, so why do I have to pay?

There are dozens of important directory sites that you would have to send this information to and the process can take many hours. We include this in all of our basic SEO packages, and offer it ala carte at a price low enough that it is cost effective for the time of even a small business. We also have to manually load the information if a directory does not take it electronically.

Will the directories use all of the data I send?

No, most will use only the data elements that they typically publish. Some only publish bare minimum data such as phone number and address, but increasingly they will publish the enhanced data you provide.

Who will see this data and how can I be assured of my privacy?

You should ONLY provide information that you want the public to have in order to contact you. We will not share this information directly with marketers or non-directory entities, but we cannot guarantee that the information will not be read online and used for this purpose. Of course the credit card payment information will be held securely and not made public.

Universal Local Listing service allows businesses to post their business listing once and have it posted to all major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, 411 Directories and other vertical industry Directories.