Installation and Optimization of Blog

It’s no secret that blogs are great ranking boosters. That’s why installation and optimization of blog is a widely discussed topic these days. Blogs have quickly developed from personal online diaries into a powerful search engine optimization tool. For many people blogging have become a profession rather than just a pastime. There are a number of advantages of having a blog.

Advantages of a Weblog

• More targeted traffic. Blogs are very much favored by search engines, especially Google, because they provide valuable and relevant content that is updated on a regular basis. Generally, it’s much easier to drive search engine traffic to a blog than to a regular website because of their ‘love affair’ with the engines. Once the installation and optimization of the blog is complete you can redirect the traffic generated by your weblog to your website.

• Easy to start. It’s easy to start a blog. However, it takes some time and dedication to keep it going. You need to post regularly and do it SEO-wise in order to push your blog up in the search engine listings. This may be hard when you have a business to run and lack either time or writing skills, or both, but you can always consider hiring a professional blogger to put it right for you.

Installation and Optimization of Blog


When starting a blog for business it’s highly recommended that you get a domain name of your own rather than relying on free webhosting services. Once you are done with this you need to setup a blog engine. WordPress is one of the most popular and probably the best blog engines available. It features a lot of useful plug-ins and widgets that make it extremely user-friendly. Installing WordPress on the server will require certain skills, so if you’re not quite comfortable with this you can hire a coder or find out if your hosting provider can do it for you. Than you can just follow WordPress setup guidelines that will get your blog live. Once you’ve spent some time figuring out how to manage the blog you can start posting.


Although weblogs are search engine friendly by nature, there’s still some room for enhancement. Search engine optimization for blogs is a specific area but it follows the same basic rules as general SEO. The main point is to bear in mind why you took the time to go through the whole process of installation and optimization of blog in the first place. Since blogs are all about content, you need to stick to the topic relevant to your business employing all your targeted keywords so that you can use your weblog to improve the search engine listings of your major website and redirect part of the traffic to it.