Initial Website SEO Analysis Report

Get Initial Website SEO Analysis Report Before You Start Your SEO Campaign

Although search engine optimization (SEO) is no rocket science there is so much to it that some people and even SEO specialists may find it hard figuring out where to start. The first thing a SEO should do when they start working with a client is analyze the website in question and develop an initial website SEO analysis report. There are three major reasons to do that. First of all every website is specific and should be approached individually. You can’t estimate the amount of work that has to be done and quote the price for it by just looking at the website. Like any other campaign SEO efforts need to be thoroughly planned and that is impossible unless you know what you are dealing with.

We at SEO Management realize the importance of initial analysis. That’s why we take the time to have a close look at each website and provide our clients with an initial website SEO analysis report. In order to implement a successful SEO campaign you need to know which way to go and how long this way is. Just like a doctor needs to take some tests and diagnose a patient, a reputable SEO should first diagnose a website before starting the treatment course. Basically the initial website SEO analysis report can be broken down into two parts: the current condition of the website (diagnosis) and the recommended optimization efforts (cure).

SEO Diagnosis and Analysis ReportLooking under the hood and making a Diagnosis

In order to diagnose a website search engine optimization specialists look at a number of components. You need to find out how the website currently ranks in the major search engines and see if all the pages are properly indexed by the search engine crawlers. Another important thing to do is to figure out if the website has any search engine penalties and work out ways to eliminate them. Website design is analyzed from two aspects: from the point of view of search engines and users. In order to generate targeted website traffic that converts well has to be appealing to the users as well as have high rankings.   

Finding the Cure and Making Repairs

The second component of the initial website SEO analysis report deals with the planning of the optimization process. Having identified all the upsides and downsides of a website, SEO experts can tell what has to be done to move the website up in the search engine results pages. Each SEO strategy is tailored according to the needs of a particular business and specific features of the website. Our SEO company determines the ways to optimize the design and navigation of the website as well as its content, develops an efficient linking strategy and above all analyzes the keywords to target with due account to their competition and popularity.

Initial website SEO analysis report is also a great tool to measure the progress of your SEO campaign.