Initial Ranking Report

Initial Ranking Report – Know Where You Are and You Will Get Where You Want

When a good search engine optimization company starts working with a client they do a lot of research and analysis and provide the client with a number of vital reports including an initial ranking report. These reports are used to evaluate the scope of optimization efforts needed as well as estimate the time and resources required to improve search engine rankings of a website. Before SEO specialists actually start doing something to the website they need to know what they are dealing with. You can’t implement a successful search engine optimization campaign unless you have developed a detailed and comprehensive plan of action. That is why we at Buildtelligence pay just as much attention to research and analysis as to the optimization efforts.

TelemetryIf you want to get somewhere you need to know where you are. This is simple logic. If you want to get your site to the top of search engine listings you need to identify its current location there and find out how far you’re heading. Then you can plan your way deciding which road to take and what SEO strategy to use. That is why a reputable SEO will never take up an optimization process without having assessed the current ranking of a website. Naturally the client should be provided with an initial ranking report.

In order to develop initial ranking report SEO experts look at the way the website ranks in the major search engines and analyze the factors that determined its current position. It is important to identify the obstacles that prevent the website from ranking higher and elaborate ways of eliminating them. The SEO company also determines whether all the web pages are properly indexed by the search engine spiders.  

Initial ranking report is also a helpful means to measure the progress of the whole search engine optimization campaign. You can easily see how your website progresses in the search engine listings from the starting point fixed in the report. Don’t expect the progress to be a quick one. Unlike paid search engine advertising natural search engine optimization is a long term web promotion strategy. It takes time to take effect, but the results are also more sustainable.

Reporting is a critical part of SEO services. By keeping the client up to date on the progress of the campaign the SEO company shows their care about the client and dedication to the goals set. It’s important to let the client know about all the achievements made so far as well as about the expected outcome for the near future. Initial ranking report is one of the first signs that the company is determined to work towards the goal of the client.