Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics Installation – a Powerful Tool for Effective SEO

Google analytics is one of the most powerful tools designed for SEO and SEM monitoring. Google Analytics installation enables you to track the performance of your website in search engines giving you and your SEO Management Account Managers insight into how to win higher rankings. Without comprehensive analytical data on website traffic and keywords efficiency it’s hard to tell whether your SEO campaign is heading the direction. With the help of Google Analytics and our Professional Reviews of it’s data we can get all the information we need to evaluate how effective your optimization efforts are.

Every search engine optimization and marketing campaign needs to be tracked in order to deliver best results. With Google Analytics installation you can gather data on the ways Internet users find and visit your website, how much traffic each of your targeted keywords generates and much more. This information is extremely valuable because it enables you to tune and fine tune your SEO campaign as well as measure the ROI. There are a lot of similar downloadable and online tools, but

Google Analytics has a number of advantages that make it one of the best options:telemetry.jpg

• It’s free of charge. Being a free tool Google Analytics often outperforms its paid alternatives. The fact that you don’t have to pay for it doesn’t mean that it is somehow inferior to paid solutions. There are no recuring costs.

• Identifies most clickable links. With a Google Analytics installation you can find out which links are most popular at your website. This data is necessary to make sure that you direct the traffic to the right pages. It will also give you an idea of how to improve less popular web pages.

• Let’s you know how you are found. Google analytics is able to identify the ways Internet users locate your website letting you know what additional keywords are used to search for your site apart from the ones you target.

• Visitor segmentation. Google Analytics will not only tell you how many visitors your optimization or marketing campaign has generated but will also categorize them into new and returning visitors. It will also provide you with information on the geographical location of the visitors and referral source they used to find your website.

•  Supports multiple websites. If you have more than one website you can see statistical data for all of them with just one login. This saves a lot of time and makes things much easier.

• Helps improve sign-up process. Google Analytics is able to track down at what stage your visitors leave the sign-up process so that you can make it more user-friendly providing for more registered users.

Google Analytics installation process is not exceptionally difficult but it does requires some skills and some time. There are a number of Google Analytics installation guides you can follow to enhance your SEO campaign with this tool. You can find one at Google’s website or you can have Google Analytics installation assistance as part of your SEO Campaign.