Consulting services for maximizing page conversion

Getting a lot of traffic won’t take you far unless you can convert that traffic into sales. If you don’t know how to transform most of the leads into customers you can figure it out with our consulting services for maximizing page conversion. Many people still believe that search engine optimization is all about getting traffic while traffic is actually just a means to boost sales.

If your website ranks #1 on Google or Yahoo you sure will get tons of targeted traffic. But how much of that traffic can you handle? Online success is measured by conversion rates, not traffic. The ROI you get from a SEO campaign will depend on how well your website converts.

Generate Sales Not Just Traffic

A lead is just a lead until you make it into a sale. In fact, if you improve your conversion rates you can boost your sales without generating more traffic. A successful search engine optimization campaign will bring a lot of people to your website. But if you fail to encourage action, people will come and go for everyone knows how to use the back button. While SEO is about appealing to search engines, page conversion is about appealing to users. You need to learn to think the way your potential customers do and be able to make an offer they just can’t refuse.

What You Can Learnfastcar2-red-cropped.jpg

There are a lot of factors that affect conversion rates of a webpage such as content, headlines, graphics and images, button design and text, call to action and much more. Consulting services for maximizing page conversion will give you a clear idea of how to optimize all these elements to improve your conversion rates.

Before you start tailoring your website for maximum conversion you need to analyze the current conversion rates to see what sections need reinforcing. Here are some of the components that usually lack appeal or persuasion. Our consulting services for maximizing page conversion offer a great opportunity to learn using them to the outmost.

• Calls to Action!  Does your site tell a visitor what you expect (need) them to do?  If you are trying to generate leads is there a clear cll to action that directs the visitor to complete a form or is there a lonely link to a "contact us" page?  Are you "making a trade" for their information?  How much effort do you make a visitor go through to become a lead? 

• Headlines. The first and most important text your visitors see as they arrive at your website is the headline. Effective headlines can increase your conversion rates almost twofold. The headline should clearly state how your customers will benefit from using your product or service.

• Overall Design. A lot of Internet users will never buy something from a website that looks unprofessional. By giving your website professional look and feel you can build trust in your visitors that will greatly affect the conversion rates.

• Images and Graphics. Images are very powerful when it comes to encouraging action. Visual information is as effective as textual. You need to know where to put images of your products to achieve eye-catching effect and how to arrange the sign-up and order processes.

• Content. Content is often what your visitors come for in the first place. If you have poor sales copies, you can either learn how to make them more persuasive or hire professional copywriting services.

It’s impossible to know everything. Use our professional consulting services for maximizing page conversion and boosting your sales.