Article Submission Management – Article Submission

Search engine optimization SEO depends on a variety of factors, two of which are keywords and page popularity driven by backlinks. Article Submission Management allows you to make the most of both factors, by focusing on using relevant keywords within an article to gain search engine relevancy for your website while hosting these articles on third party websites to boost popularity for your target pages. SEO Management strives to build the most effective search engine optimization campaigns possible, and Article Submission Management is a key part of that process.

Article SubmissionSEO Management also offers you well-crafted Articles through our SEO Article Writing Service. Our highly trained copy writers have years of experience in writing effectively optimized articles, and they can create effective material that will make the most out of your article submissions. Articles developed by our professional SEO copywriters are optimized for your desired keyword phrases with a focus on effective keyword density, search engine-friendliness and most importantly visitor readability.

The final result: a well written, highly targeted article that creates effective backlinks for the search engines and provides human readers with valuable quality information about your company, industry, product or service. Our SEO copywriters provide you with the best articles so that you get the most effective resluts from your Article Submission campaigns as possible.

What’s included with SEO Management’s Article Submission Management Program?

  • Article submission to hundreds of publisher sites with a one-time fee for each article (not each site).
  • No fees once the Article has been published. This means that you don’t have to pay-per-click for advertising or pay an ongiong fee for the advertising space.
  • Full-page advertising with a high circulation, driving traffic to your site while increasing your search engine relevancy.
  • SEO Management will submit your article to hundreds of article hosting directories where people searching for content can use your article for their site—giving you a new backlink every time!  So, not only do you receive a backlink from the article directories themselves, but also from each site that chooses to add your article to their content.
  • SEO Management’s Article Submission Management Campaigns are cost effective, create excellent Backlinks, and is an intragal part of the SEO Campaign Management process.